Before committing we’d like to report briefly about the invention and organization. Kabbalah Research Institute founded got at its disposal and conducted additional research and elaboration on the basis of the received information and on the basis of the sources of the Cabbala and Chasidism in the sphere of energetic fields of a human being and their influence on the process of improvement as subsidiary medicine.

The invented appliance discloses positive energy, which promotes recovery from cancer without doing harm to a human body.

Health Formula 

A formula was created while working at the appliance and studying the information above. While pronouncing the formula a human being joins a special kind of super energies. These super energies should promote better physical and psychological state, better assimilation of food, raise effectiveness of health-improving gymnastics and, that is extremely important, promote curing from cancer.

It is known that the formula mentioned above will help to improve mental and physical health, including increasing the effect of the digestive system, sports and receive conventional medicine, as well as improve the efficiency of treatment by other conventional means, appointed to me by a certificated specialist (assuming that treatment is true)

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