What is Healing Formula?

Like every being, a man is a part of the environment, where he lives. It is true both at the physical and energetical  level.

The objects, which surround us, exude the energetical information into the space, and this information is also present hereabouts. Our physical body works like an air wire, detecting this information

Just as we are processing material objects (i.e. food) and getting the energy for life, we are grasping and working with the information from the outer world. That gives us the energy for the psycho-energetical activity and for the self-understanding, for the realization of our place in the world.

Healthy eating means that we use food not containing high-melting fats and not contaminated by toxins. It’s essential if we want our body to excrete faster than the scums enter into it and not to cumulate the deleterious substances, because it leads to the slowdown and, eventually, to the decay of all the organism’s functions.

The same thing happens to the information that we receive, not only through our senses.  All our body captures the semantic structure of the external world. Unnecessary, malicious information can come in entire blocks, which we are not able neither adopt nor reject. These elements layer over our beliefs (not only at conscious, but also at the subconscious levels), the body is in unable to digest them, it overloads itself and can’t manage the informational poisoning.

This leads to the same disastrous results as physical poisoning : to violations of coordination of body systems, i.e. to psychic and mental disorders..

We developed the method, which helps to discern and internalize the indispensable for the organism information and to reject the waste one, which is against principles of life.

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