In order to receive better results one should pronounce following underlined words every day in the morning:

I accept this formula on condition that it will not contradict with my physical and spiritual health

For best results one should take this certificate out of the envelope 2-4 times a day for 10 - 20 min each time.  Keep the certificate in the envelope the rest of the time.

It’s permitted to continue one’s daily routine, while the certificate is open just keep it nearby.

Nevertheless one should refrain from intense physical activity during this time.

While using the Formula in order to obtain the best effect it’s important to drink plenty of fluid – 4-5 cups more than usual.

Pay attention! After first use it’s recommended to drink 1 cup of water and to rest for 20 minutes. One should also refrain from fast driving (more than 60mph) and from hard physical work for 2-3 hours after using the Formula

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